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‘Twin Flame’ Gold Ring


18ct gold dipped ring with infinity sign


Bohemian Lifestyle design, handcrafted in India.

The infinity sign represents the infinite nature of our being, our souls. We are infinite beings living a temporary human existence. The number 69 which combined makes the number 8 represent the infinity sign. It is also the sign for Twin Flames which are one soul divided into two human bodies (69) and the inspiration for this beautiful ring. While wearing this piece of jewellery you will be constantly reminded of your infinite nature. Complete the look with our matching Twin Flame necklace.

All pieces of jewellery have been infused with Reiki energy x

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X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Size chart

X-Small K-L 16mm
Small M-N 16.5mm
Medium O-P 17.3mm
Large Q-R 18mm
X-Large S-T 18.5mm


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