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About me

I started Bohemian Lifestyle in 2016 as an online store selling handmade bohemian accessories while working full time as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world.  I had always had a passion for all things bohemian so for the first time in my career instead of just following my left-brain way of thinking I went with my intuition too.  Little did I know this small online business was leading me to my life purpose. In 2018 I left my city job in London and moved back to my homeland Ireland to pursue my own bohemian way of life. I was always a Bohemian at heart, it was time for me to embrace it fully and leave the corporate world behind for good. 

A Bohemian Lifestyle is a life without limitations. It is for people who want to be outside the box and feel free to creatively express themselves in whatever shape or form that intuitively feels right and to live the life that they came here to live.  A free spirit.

I created this business to have a platform to express my creative side which had been suppressed for most of my life before then.  The most important thing for me was that this business would evolve with me because it’s not just a business it is also part of my soul journey, it has always mirrored who I am.  And it truly did evolve with me. I went through a huge personal transformation and of course my priorities also changed. I no longer felt fulfilled selling boho accessories and I started to discover what my real purpose was and so I decided to change my business to reflect who I had become. 

Once I started opening myself up to a Bohemian way of living, I was also opening myself up to a beautiful connection with Spirit. This led me to go on the inner quest and start a journey of self-discovery and inner healing.  It was at this stage I started to awaken my intution more.  It was also in this period that I started to learn Reiki and Crystal healing and I started to learn how to use divination tools such as tarot to connect deeper with my own inner wisdom (Intuition/Higher Self/Spirit) and to help in my healing journey. But the more I connected spiritually and the more I heard my Soul speak, the clearer it became that this was not just for my own personal development and healing this was a gift or skillset, that I was supposed to use as service to others too. Once I made the connection it was very clear that I had to share this with whoever needed my help and so I decided it was time to introduce this energy into Bohemian Lifestyle

I believe that all the answers are within us and we are all equally as powerful as each other once we release the self-limiting beliefs and heal out unresolved trauma. What I do through the aid of tarot is help people to learn how to tap into their own inner wisdom, heal the past and clear the blocks in life that are stopping them from moving forward into the more positive future.

So here I am living my purpose because I answered the call of my soul and I am now on a mission to help people tap into their own inner wisdom so they can lead a soul aligned life too.


PS.  I also followed another passion and created my own collection of jewellery. I combined mystical & celestial symbols with healing crystals using the ‘High Priestess’ in the tarot deck as my inspiration for the collection. Check out the full collection here.

‘The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but building the new’

‘The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are’