Holistic Life Coaching, Energy Healing & Tarot Reading. The High Priestess Jewellery Collection

Jewellery Info & Care

The jewellery is lovingly designed by Yvonne and handcrafted by our expert jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur, India, who also help us source the crystals that we use.

For our gold dipped jewellery, we use 1-micron gold over silver or metal. Each piece is dipped in a bath of 18ct gold. 

To take care of your jewellery and for it to have longevity we recommend that when doing any physical activity that you take off your jewellery as sweat may affect its durability. We also recommend that you take off your jewellery when having a shower, washing your hands or when applying any creams, lotions, or perfumes.    

When you are not using your jewellery, store it back in the box that you received with it as this box will help to keep it in good condition too.

Cleaning your jewellery

To keep your jewellery looking shiny and new, wipe with a jewellery cleaning cloth or for more deep cleaning, mix a small amount of warm water and baking powder together and with a toothbrush, rub this mixture gently over your jewellery.  However, do not use any of these methods on any crystals in your jewellery piece. 

Cleaning and cleansing your crystals

If there are crystals in your jewellery, use just a clean damp cloth and wipe over them gently with that. If anyone else touches your crystals, we recommend using a sage stick and waving it over the crystal as this will help cleanse it of anyone else’s energy. For the loose chakra crystals you can also steep them in cold water with sea salt overnight.  The crystal will have a more powerful healing effect if is connected to just your energy.  The full moon also cleanses and activates crystals.  If you can, leave your crystals sitting on a windowsill (inside will do) overnight that gets the light of the moon.

At the factory in Jaipur