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October 2023

I went to a tarot reader and found out when I’m going to fall in love’: EVOKE’s SJ stunned by what her spirits know (Evoke.ie interview with Sarah-Jane Tobin)

My journey from corporate world to healing with the tarot cards (Mind You podcast with Brian Barnes)

December 2022

Winter Solstice (The Wellness Way with Philly J Lay Podcast)

October 2022

Interview with Saira, My Former Tarot Student (Bohemian Lifestyle You Tube Channel)

June 2021

Living the Tarot & Unlocking Intuition (The Blade & Chalice podcast)

October 2020

3 rituals you MUST try this Winter Solstice (Soul & Spirit)

September 2020

24 Hours With… Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot Reader Yvonne Power (Evoke)

August 2020

Intuitive Life Coach shares her tips to remove blockages in your life (Evoke)