Holistic Life Coaching, Energy Healing & Tarot Reading. The High Priestess Jewellery Collection

Reiki Crystal Healing Session – 1 Hour

Location: in Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Please email Yvonne at [email protected] to confirm date/time.

Session will include a 10-minute consultation.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for energy healing, used for stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes healing. Reiki helps to balance and clear the chakras so that life force energy can freely circulate, therefore aids in the healing process, and helps to maintain good mental, emotional and physical health.  Regular reiki sessions can help to reduce how frequently you become ill and can increase how quickly your body heals itself

Crystals provide a form of healing that works alongside your body’s inner healer. It helps to brings things back into balance. Crystals are concerned with subtle energies; a lot of their work is done through realigning the aura that surrounds the physical body and cleansing the chakras. 

Crystals will be intuitively placed on parts of your body where healing and energy clearing is needed most to bring the subtle bodies and physical body back into homeostasis. Reiki energy will also be used to enhance the crystals abilities and to activate your own innate healing abilities. 

Buy five sessions of either Reiki or Crystal healing together and get one session free.

Life Coaching (with tarot cards) & Energy healing package – 2 hours

Location:  Naas, Co.Kildare, Ireland. Please email Yvonne at [email protected] to confirm date/time.

This session will start off with life coaching and tarot reading, identifying areas in your life that you need guidance with.  I will also help you overcome any self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  With the aid of the tarot cards, I will help you move forward to your desired outcome. We will finish off the session with a beautiful relaxing Reiki energy healing or Reiki Crystal healing.