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‘Ace of Cups’ Gold Ring


18ct gold dipped ring with Green Aventurine crystal



Bohemian Lifestyle design, handcrafted in India.

For this magical ring, I decided to ask the tarot deck what should I name it and I drew the Ace of Cups tarot card. I couldn’t have chosen a better name for it. Ace of Cups in the tarot deck represents an open heart, a heart/cup overflowing with love and compassion. This card represents abundance because when we are connected to the heart and the heart chakra is balanced then we are a conduit for the divine to work through us and we attract beautiful soulmate connections into our lives, we are connected to our true essence.  When we are tapped into our heart we tap into the frequency of abundance. Green Aventurine crystal is connected to the heart chakra, it helps to harmonise the heart.  It is the crystal of love and abundance.

Each crystal has been charged up by the full moon and all pieces of jewellery have been infused with Reiki energy x

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X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Crystal size

Length – 1.2cm, Width – 1.2cm

Size chart

X-Small K-L 16mm
Small M-N 16.5mm
Medium O-P 17.3mm
Large Q-R 18mm
X-Large S-T 18.5mm


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