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Why I do not believe in the New Age movement…

I really want to talk about the New Age movement because I can see how some of the concepts and teachings are hindering the collective awakening and holding humanity back. It is misleading people about what ‘spirituality’ is about.  

Before I continue, please understand that I was very much into new age teachings, and I still believe in some of the concepts attached to this. However, I think it is important that we also use discernment in everything because not everything contains all truth or all falsehoods either. It is up to the individual to do their due diligence and just because you may resonate with some philosophies or teachings, it does not mean that all those concepts are for the highest good for humanity so learn to take what resonates and leave behind what does not. Learn to trust yourself.

The main ideology of the new age movement is that you must focus on the positives and not put your attention on the negative aspects in the world because by doing that you make it bigger and by turning away from it, then it does not exist in your reality. This is false.  By ignoring the darkness in the world will ONLY and has only ever made it BIGGER.  However, leaving your focus there and not also acknowledging all the GOOD and ABUNDANCE in the world (because there are tons of that too) is also not a good place to be either. The key to this is to balance both sides, acknowledge both sides, and act towards the direction you want the world to go in, but you cannot do that by denying that the darkness that is controlling our world exists.

Darkness does exist in our 3D reality whether we focus on it or not, this is the TRUTH because we live on a planet of duality but the whole objective is to bring light to the darkness so that we can transmute it.  The planet is going through an ascension process which is why the darkness is coming to the surface for us to see, so we can change it.  The planet is going from 3rd dimension consciousness to 5th dimension consciousness. In 5th dimension there is no duality. The darkness that is controlling the planet has always been there but the consciousness on the planet was lower and so many could not see it. The truth has always been in plain sight for us to see but it is only because the consciousness of the planet and the collective is raising that we are finally able to see it. We are going through a collective awakening (ascension), some people are still not ready to see the darkness and are living in denial but in time most of the planet will have no choice but to see it all and therefore we will rise above it, not by ignoring it but by facing it head on. That is the only way we dismantle the enslaving systems and most importantly take action on creating new ways of doing things that serve humanity.  We all need to be the change we want to see in the world.

Just like on a personal level you must face your own shadow and accept it, and heal your own unresolved trauma to become a healthy happy balanced individual, it is the same for the collective.  The collective shadow also needs to be faced and healed and that is what we are seeing in our world right now.  Do not be afraid to face the darkness, by doing that you are serving humanity but also while doing that remember that light will win so let that give you the courage. 

Truth will prevail and humanity will be free from tyranny and enslaving systems. It is our destiny, as a planet and as a species to ascend and go through this mass awakening to realise who we really are, how powerful we really are and why we really came here, nothing can stop it, not even the powers that be that are in control of the world right now.  More and more people are awakening every day.  Power is in the numbers and that is why the light will win in the end and that is why I do not believe in the New Age movement, it teaches that numbers do not matter, and we can ascend on our own without the collective awakening, which is not true and does not serve humanity, that is service to self only.  We are on a timeline that is creating a world that is free, unified, and full of joy for all. That is where we are headed no matter how dark the world looks outside.  

Our thoughts and belief systems do create our experiences and our reality, we are always manifesting (consciously/unconsciously) so keep visualising a good outcome not just for yourself but for the collective too.  But what we have on our world right now is a manifestation from the collective consciousness of the past. It always starts with oneself so a big shout out and thank you to all those doing the inner work because you are helping to heal the collective consciousness too.

 The most important thing every human can do right now besides facing their own shadow and the collective shadow, is to strengthen the connection to their own inner being or higher self and the best way to do that is through meditation. This way you also strengthen your intuition, and you will know what is best for you and you will not go outside yourself for those answers.

Do not look outside yourself for a saviour either, we are all are own saviours, together we will rise above this.  I have no doubt about it. United we stand together we rise. Never forget that.

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