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Transhumanism – The end of the Organic Human?

Trigger warning! This is a controversial subject. I recommend you take a few deep breaths and centre yourself and keep an open mind before reading on.

Transhumanism is when technology or AI is merged with the human body to create a hybrid human with supposedly superhuman abilities. This ideology became a subject of popular discussion when Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum announced that this was their plan for the future of the human race (thanks for giving us a heads-up Klaus, very kind of you!!) and he made it sound very attractive but only to those that have yet to develop discernment and a deeper connection to their intuition.  The whole thing is very worrying because there are many people in the world right now who are disconnected from their own inner guidance system and cannot see how dangerous this ideology is for their future and the future of humanity. Transhumanism is the perfect escapism for those trying to run away from themselves, for those in spiritual darkness. Let me put it another way, Transhumanism is a war on consciousness. We are in a spiritual war right now, there is no doubt about that.

The word sends chills down my spine every time I hear it, because I know how dangerous this is to humanity, I have always known. Transhumanism essentially means the end of the organic human and our own innate natural abilities and the birth of the synthetic human or the post human (meaning after human) which means the human will eventually be void of any spiritual connection and will lose all sovereignty. Transhumanism is not only being implemented to take full control of humanity, but it is being introduced so the ‘elites’ can create a ‘superhuman’ or ‘Human 2.0’ as they call it, so they can play god and go against the forces of nature. These people in power are so disconnected, they truly believe they can play God and create their own version of the human race.  The only way to create a ‘superhuman’ is spiritually and is an inside job, and can never be done from the outside in. We can only do this by tapping into our own divine essence, by going on the inner quest, healing our trauma, connecting to our heart centre, and awakening those supernatural abilities that lay dormant within each one of us but that takes a lot of inner work, and no amount of AI can ever replace that. Right now, humanity has the capability to do that organically but once humanity goes down the transhumanism road, that will be gone forever and this means we go down a divergent timeline which is a regressive timeline and a de-evolution in human consciousness.  The organic human path (meaning the human that has not merged its DNA with anything else, i.e., technology) is the only path that is progressive and an evolution in human consciousness, anything else is divergent or regressive to human consciousness and that timeline will eventually become extinct.

What is a divergent timeline?

To really explain the transhumanism path, I have to explain divergent timelines and the beings that are associated with this timeline. This can be a very difficult concept for our human minds to understand and accept so try to read on with a very open mind. There are many different timelines available to us at any given time both past, present, and future on both a personal level and a collective level too. This is how people can read the future and can use divination tools such as tarot cards to predict the future because they can perceive the most probable timeline available based on the current energies. Without getting too much into the details of it and completely bending your mind, I will keep it simple. There is a version of Earth and humanity on a future timeline that took the transhumanism path, this future version of humanity is commonly known in the UFO or channelling community as ‘The Greys’ because they are grey in appearance, which have really mutated looking bodies and they have big black almond shaped eyes. They have the stereotypical ‘alien’ appearance. Their appearance is due to all the DNA manipulation they have done on themselves including the merging with AI. They destroyed themselves, destroyed their subtle energy bodies, their energetic field, which was their connection to spirit, which included their emotional body and so they could no longer feel human emotions. So here is the real mind bender, they are our future selves on a divergent timeline. They decided to merge with machines and so they de-evolved the human race. Although the word alien is used to describe them, they are actually inter dimensional beings. They can time travel through the dimensions and contact us because they are an aspect of humanity, and therefore they have been able to communicate with humans through channelling because we can only perceive that which is an aspect of ourselves or the human template.  They also physically have come here too, and this is where the whole phenomenon of alien abductions comes from and UFO sightings. The reason they are making contact currently with humanity is because they need our DNA in order to save their race hence the abductions. Without our DNA, they die off. Humanity is still in its purest form and that is why they have been making contact. Divergent timelines are timelines that are dying because they went against nature.

The ‘elites’ which make up a group of super rich families and are the 1% that are really controlling the world (for now but NOT for much longer) have been planning this transhumanism agenda for millennia. It has been rolled out to the public in a subtle way and now in a not-so-subtle way. They are putting their plans in plain sight now for all to see, Klaus Schwab even wrote a book on it. But many cannot seem to see what is right in front of them right now because of all the current distractions in the world (which is by design). They have used covid and climate change to distract and manipulate people and they have used these agendas as a launch for their ‘Great Reset’ which also includes the transhumanism agenda. This has always been the main objective through all of this. All roads lead to transhumanism. It means they will gain total control of humanity and so then they will create their own ‘super race’.  But without our participation their insidious agenda fails. They are also aggressively pushing an experimental injection with mRNA technology onto humanity, why would they need to do that and why the obsession over getting everyone injected even though we know that the majority of people who get this virus will recover and will be fine but still they keep pushing and why the big push to inject children, which it doesn’t even really effect?  These are questions you need to ask yourself especially when the people pushing these injections are the very people that are into transhumanism, depopulation, and eugenics.

Rudolph Steiner prophesied that an 8th sphere would be created which would be a synthetic version of Earth The consciousness of Arihman and Lucifer would be behind this. He prophesised that the Earth would split into two. I believe this is the beginning of the 8th sphere being created. I believe that the Metaverse and the role out of these mRNA technology injections is paving the way for the transhumanism agenda into society. Let me just be clear, I do not believe that everyone that has taken these injections so far has had the real technology in the injection yet, but it is coming so the more people allow these experimental injections into their body the closer they are getting to being connected to something more sinister.  If humanity chooses to go down this road it will mark the beginning of the end of humanity in its purest form and it will mark the beginning of the end of that timeline.

Right now, we are at the most pivotal point in the evolution of consciousness on the planet. Humanity is at a crossroads, and we have two choices, we either take the divergent transhumanism timeline or we choose the organic human path which is the only path of progression, evolution, and enlightenment. I believe in time the majority will start to see the real agenda playing out and avoid the transhumanism timeline, but a minority will still go down that path. But the choice will always be the individual’s choice, you must consent to it.

What can you do to avoid the transhumanism path?

Stay sovereign. Develop a connection with your soul which will help you develop your intuition and discernment. Your soul will show you the way. Have the courage to say NO to these tyrants and their insidious and dangerous agenda. There is a much bigger picture at play here than a virus or climate change both are being used to manipulate humanity. Ignorance is not bliss anymore, seek knowledge outside of the mainstream as it is infiltrated and biased, do the inner healing work and connect to your heart centre, connect to nature, all of this will help navigate you safely through this difficult but transformational time on this planet and keep you on the evolutionary path and the path of the organic human.

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