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The Spiritual Path

I’ve been doing social media posts around the Higher Self v the Lower Self because it’s really important for our self discovery journey to understand that we have both within us.

This is why we are so conflicted as a species. Thanks to the ‘New Age’ movement which quite frankly I detest, many people are conditioned to not look at anything that is ‘low vibe’ let alone acknowledge it within themselves. The more we understand ourselves and how this reality works, the more we can protect ourselves and the more we can align with a path that has less pain and suffering on it and has more flow, ease and joy on it.

What do I mean by that? If you can take on board that we have both a higher and lower impulse running through us and most days we are being called to choose between these two impulses which basically means we are being called to choose between the higher path and the lower path. Choosing the higher path brings you closer to your higher self which is the real self and choosing the lower path brings you closer to the ego and aligning with beings and energies that are service to self only and don’t care about others, parasistic energies. Which ever impulse you act on most will make the other impulse more faint within you. So if you keep choosing the higher impulse, your connection to the higher self will get stronger and the ego will get fainter.

What is the Higher self? The Higher Self, is who you are really are, its the divine infinite spark inside of you, and it is multidimensional, it is within you and your physical body but it is also in higher worlds at the same time. It’s the wise beautiful part of your being that knows whats really going on and understands the game. It has no fear and operates on the highest frequency. How do you align with the Higher Self? You make choices taking into consideration how this would effect not just you but humanity as whole. You do things from your heart, being kind, compassionate and caring to yourself and others. You heal your trauma, you work on yourself. You search for higher meaning, wisdom and knowledge. These are all the things that will bring you closer to your higher self.

This is the spiritual path, the path of self discovery. Spirituality is not about being vegan, doing yoga, meditating on crystals. Spirituality is about understanding yourself on both a physical and metaphyiscal level. It is about seeking the truth, the truth of who you really are and what reality is really about. The spiritual path is about disolving the illusions of this physical reality, illusions that we have all been born into and letting go of all the conditioning and programming. Spirituality is about aligning with truth and justice in all parts of life and not turning a blind eye. Spirituality is about standing up for what is right no matter what the consequences are. Spirituality is about healing your own wounds so that you don’t project them into the world and so your present actions are not based on past trauma. Spiriutality is about seeking self mastery.

If you want to align with the higher path, become more consious of your actions and choices in life, come out of autopilot and ask yourself, if I make this choice is this aligned with my higher self or my lower self?

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