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The Soul’s Journey – through human life

The Soul is our true essence.  I believe that the Soul incarnates only part of its energy into each human incarnation because it is multidimensional meaning it exists in different planes and different dimensions at the same time.  It is very hard for the human mind to fully understand this concept and I do not think as humans we have the capacity in our minds to fully comprehend that side of existence.  I believe there is always a part of the Soul left behind in the Spirit realm when it has incarnated into a human being and this is the part that speaks to us through our intuition.  So, I do believe intuition is our Soul speaking to us and helping to guide us because it can see from a higher perspective so it knows what is coming up ahead and what the outcome of our decisions will be.  

Why does a Soul incarnate as a human being?

I believe that a Soul incarnates as a human being purely for its evolution. I believe that Earth is a school room for Souls. The Soul comes from a place of love and compassion, there is no duality or polarity there and where everything is part / at one with the source or creator.  Earth provides the opportunity for the Soul to create the illusion that it is separate from this by having a part of its energy forgetting what it is when it incarnates into a place where duality and polarity do exist.  This is all part of the experience to help the Soul learn and evolve. We all have different lessons to learn and every Soul’s path is different therefore we should not judge other people because we do not know what lessons they have come here to learn for their Soul’s evolution.  I believe that some things are predestined to happen and we are predestined to meet certain people which are all set up before we incarnate in order to help us on our Soul’s journey in each lifetime.   So, I believe that there is no such thing as coincidences or accidents, everything that happens in life is supposed to happen to get us to where we need to go from a Soul perspective.  We come into each lifetime with a set of goals that we want to achieve and lessons that we want to learn in that life or karma that we want to clear and we have Spirit Guides assigned to us to help us reach these goals and learn these lessons and clear the karma.   

One of the main objectives of the Soul is to fully remember who it really is as a human, for the veil of forgetfulness to be lifted so that it can fully tap into it’s own power within a human body.  It wants to master certain lessons in life such as showing unconditional love to self and others, learning to control the ego mind and releasing fear and self-limiting beliefs and remember that it’s true nature is love and it is limitless.

The Major Arcana   – The map of the Soul’s Journey

The Major Arcana in the tarot deck, consist of 22 cards that make up all the life lessons, karmic influences and archetypal themes that the soul experiences through each human lifetime.  In the Tarot it is referred to as ‘The Fool’s journey’,  but this is in fact the Soul’s journey through human life.  We encounter the same patterns as are in the 22 Major Arcana cards through each lifetime to help the Soul evolve and master the lessons it came here to learn and to clear karma. Karma is a balancing of energy and is all about healing. Karma relates to the parts of us that need healing, and we will keep experiencing similar situations that cause negativity in our lives until we become aware of these repeating patterns and heal it. These patterns are repeated not just in the current lifetime but in past lives too and are carried over from lifetime to lifetime until we break the pattern by healing that part of ourselves. So, when a Major Arcana card shows up in a tarot reading this normally refers to a big life lesson or karmic influence that the person is trying to master or overcome in that lifetime.  Studying these cards is a really great way to understand more about the Soul’s Journey through human life.  See image below for the full 22 cards which starts with the Fool and he ends his journey with The World card and then it starts all over again!  If you are interested to learn more about the Soul’s journey through the Major Arcana cards, you can find the meanings of all 22 cards online.

All the information in this blog is from my own personal beliefs based on studying spiritual material, studying tarot, and using my own intuition. I hope you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to leave your comments about what you think is the Soul’s journey through human life. 

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