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The Akashic Records & My Tarot Journey

‘The Akashic records’…As soon as I first heard these words I instantly wanted to know more, where are they? What are they?  I innately knew this was something extremely important about this not just to my journey, but the whole collective.  It was only when I had started on my spiritual path that it came into my awareness.  My soul was getting me ready to access my own Akashic records.  Dropping breadcrumbs for me along the way, my interest was piqued. However, I was fully immersed in my journey with learning to master the tarot cards at this stage, so I was not quite ready to delve fully into it, just yet!

Before I continue, let me briefly explain what the Akashic records are.  To understand the Akashic records you must understand that ‘everything is energy’ and that we are all connected by a field of energy, this field is called The Akashic records, also known as the ‘Quantum Field’ or the ‘Zero Point field’. This energy field permeates the entire Universe, ‘it is a form of memory in which information regarding all occurrences and events is stored. The Akashic records are an ever-expanding field of consciousness that connects all consciousness in the universe and allows for information to pass in a manner that transcends time and space’ (extract taken from The Akashic Records Level 1 Course Handbook https://www.modernmysticscollective.com/ ).

It basically stores every bit of information of everything that has ever existed or will ever exist, so that includes information from the past, the present and the future.  Many mystics and psychics have retrieved information from the past, present and the future by accessing the Akashic records. We can all access these records, it is our birth right, but we need to raise our vibration to do that. This kind of information was dismissed by traditional science and the mainstream which is why so many people are still not aware that this even exists, let alone know how to access this field.  Thankfully, modern science is now changing this, and these scientists are studying and proving that this energy field exists. Also, more and more people are coming forward and sharing their experiences and teaching other people how to access their own records so that they can heal themselves and live in alignment with their soul purpose in this lifetime.

A few months ago, just before I came to Bali, I began to get very interested again in the Akashic records, I started watching many interviews and documentaries on the subject and started to read more about this quantum field. Something was coming!  I was being drawn to this subject for a reason. Remember, whatever you feel passionate about or strongly drawn towards many times relates to your life purpose in some shape or form so always dig deeper and ask for more signs.

When I got to Bali, I stayed in Canggu as I had friends there and it was quite busy compared to the rest of the island. Ubud on the other hand, I knew nobody there and it was very quiet, many people had left because of the pandemic and I was being advised against staying there on my own as I might feel lonely and isolated. My conscious mind was saying stay in Canggu with your friends, but my heart and gut were leading me to Ubud. I was feeling a bit torn… I had just left Ireland and part of the reason was because I was so isolated and lonely there, was it really a good idea to put myself back in a position that might be similar?!  Just as I was about to take out my tarot cards to help me with the decision, I bumped into a sweet German girl at the cottages I was staying in Canggu who had just come back from a weekend in Ubud and had decided she was going to move there from Canggu. She assured me that I would prefer the energy there especially with the work I was doing. I believed her.  This was without a doubt a meeting that was destined to happen, that was my sign from the Universe to move to Ubud.  At that point I did check in with my cards just for a bit more validation and what the cards showed me was that this move would align me even more with my soul purpose… at that point I had a strong feeling it was going to help me build stronger foundations for my business.  I was right.  Just to note I always try to tap into my inner knowing first before consulting the cards.  Many times, the cards just validate what I already know deep down.

So off I went and booked myself a villa in the middle of the Jungle of Ubud.

Within a few days of arriving in Ubud, I text that sweet German girl to let her know I made the move.  She then proceeds to tell me that she has just signed up to do a course on how to access the Akashic records, the closing date was that day for the course…OMG…I knew this was another sign from the Universe. I was supposed to be on this course!! Wow!  So, I immediately enrolled and the very next day the following card jumped out of my oracle deck….

You might think that is just a coincidence but to me there is no such thing as coincidence, that was another sign, telling me that I was on the right track and to keep going! YES!!

I started the Akashic records Level 1 course shortly after which was facilitated by Dave, Marie & Martin.  They were wonderful instructors and provided a safe space to help us access the Akashic records.  We learned how to raise our vibration within meditation and then they guided us into the Akashic records. On the last day of the course when we were accessing the records for the final time.  I asked to be given inspiration and ideas on how to bring more creative projects into my business that would be fully in alignment. Just to note, I had already intuitively felt that teaching tarot was the right next step for me, so I decided to run a 1:1 Beginners tarot course. The idea of creating an online tarot course had crossed my mind but I dismissed it because I felt that I did not have enough recording experience or technical know-how on how to create this type of course on my own.  However, the message I got when I accessed my Akashic records was very clear.  I was told that I should create an online course and not just do 1:1 teaching.   Like I said I had no idea where to start, I had no proper camera equipment to record, not to mention that it scared me to even think of recording.  it was completely out of my comfort zone, but the message was so clear and strong that I knew I needed to get rid of the fear and just do it, I thought to myself ‘I will figure this out’. I shared this information with the group and as it turned out Dave, one of the facilitators and creators of the Akashic records course who is also an Astrologer and tarot reader wanted to create a tarot course that brought in the connection to Astrology too but did not have enough time to do it all by himself.  So, he gets a flash of inspiration, after I share my message with the group that we should collaborate…. bingo… he has the skills that can help me create this and I have the skills that can help him create this.  This was a no brainer; I was onboard straight away.  And it all became very clear, that I was supposed to do the Akashic record course for several reasons but one of those reasons was to meet Dave so that we could collaborate and create a tarot course that I could have only dreamed about before this.  

Dave and I are currently in the process of creating that tarot course and all going according to plan we will be launching it around the end of March, official date to be confirmed.  I am beyond excited and happy on how events are unfolding in my life and this is because I keep following my intuition.

So, moving to Ubud, not only connected me with like minded people who are sharing their gifts and creating beautiful things together and giving me an opportunity to expand on my gifts and talents too, but it has opened me up to another part of the tarot journey which is also very much part of my higher calling, my purpose in this life and that is to teach this beautiful craft to others.  And there is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the reasons why my soul led me to Bali and to Ubud. That is what you call synchronicity 😉  

Morale of the story… always look out for the signs, they are always there, it is a matter of whether you are present or not to see them. And do not forget to ask for signs.  Follow your heart, your intuition, your gut feeling no matter what the external world is telling you or what your ego/conscious mind is trying to get you to do instead.  Your intuition always knows what is best for you more than anyone or anything else on this planet.  Learn to tap into it more.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. 

If you are interested to learn to tap into your own Akashic records and would like to know more on the course I did then click this link  https://www.modernmysticscollective.com/

If you would like to read more on the Science and Akashic records, then I highly recommend ‘Science and the Akashic Field’ by Ervin Lazlo.

As always feel free to comment or send me a direct message on the contact form on this website.

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