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Tarot & The Occult – Why neither are evil

I feel called to do a blog about this because I noticed lately that there is a new wave of stigma and misinformation flying around again about the Tarot. Tarot has gotten a bad rep for many years, which was mostly to do with religious dogma and unfortunately there have been many insincere people masquerading as fortune tellers or psychics and have used the tarot to deceive people. But this is not what tarot is about.

Tarot is a tool to help us discover who we really are and if you want to go deeper it’s a book of the secrets of the universe too. If your intentions are not pure when using divination tools like tarot then you will connect to energy of that vibration, that is how it works, it’s not the tarot, it’s the energy and intention around it when it is being used.  These cards are not demonic or created by Satanists, that is completely incorrect, and I need to point out they are also not new age, they are part of the Occult, and they date as far back as ancient Egypt.  They were not created as a fortune or future telling tool, they were created to teach humanity about consciousness and our soul’s evolution through the human experience.  Priests back in Ancient Egypt channelled knowledge about our universe from an entity from higher dimensions and created the cards so that they could encode this channelled wisdom into each card through symbology, imagery, and archetypes.  The reason why they had to keep this knowledge hidden and encoded like this was because at the time it would have been dangerous for them to have awareness of this knowledge and the consciousness of the planet was not ready for this knowledge at that stage.

To really understand Tarot, it important to discuss the occult because tarot is a part of the occult which is also known as the ‘mystery traditions. The occult is all to do with getting to know oneself and our place in the Universe.  It too gets a very bad rep, as it is often associated with something evil. This is due to this occult knowledge being used by dark occultists for manipulating and conditioning humanity. Certain people in power don’t want you to know this hidden knowledge about how you really work so they paint a bad picture about the occult and put that out into the consciousness of the planet so that most of the humanity will stay away from this knowledge out of fear and stay ignorant to how powerful we really are.

The Occult literally means ‘knowledge that is hidden from society’ it is not good, and it is not bad, it is neutral but can become inverted if used for negative means.  For example, the occult symbols have been used to manipulate and control humanity e.g., the hidden eye, the spiral, the triangle. The reason why they can do this is because the occult is our original language, it is a language of symbols, archetypes, and myths. Deep within our subconscious we still know this language, but we have forgotten it on a conscious level.  These symbols and archetypes are being used to condition and program people in a negative way, meaning they use it to keep humanity in a lower state of consciousness. They use it as a weapon to keep people in fear so that they are easily controlled. This is what is called the ‘Dark occult’, but the occult used for positive purposes, ‘light occult’ is the most powerful influence on the planet to raise the consciousness of humanity and to create a world of harmony, unity, and freedom.  

The most important thing regarding working with the tarot is to come from a place of love and centredness.  Clear your mind, do a little meditation, and connect to your heart space before working with the cards, that way you will connect to higher consciousness. If you read the cards from a place of fear or anxiety, your reading will not be favourable or accurate as you will be connecting to lower consciousness or fear consciousness and that’s when things become inverted.  The Tarot is just a tool, it is what you do with it that makes all the difference. 

Tarot has changed my life for the better and it has helped me heal and clear karma, it has given me the confidence to take a leap of faith many times and make life changing decisions that have led to positive outcomes each time. It has helped me let go of that which is not serving me, and it has helped me to become a more authentic and better person.  It has help me live a soul aligned life.  Tarot has the power to do that and much more, but it is all about the reader’s energy.  It can be used for negative purposes but if you use tarot from your heart then it will always connect you to the higher aspects of yourself. It is always about you and your energy.

If you are someone that believes that tarot is evil, I hope this blog has given you a new perspective on this magical craft and you can take onboard that the occult is neither good or bad, it is neutral and it’s what we do with the information that determines whether it will be inverted or progressive for human consciousness.


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