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Tarot & Natural Law

Tarot at its core is a study of consciousness or the story of the soul’s evolution towards higher states of consciousness in the human incarnation.

The more conscious we are the more awareness we have of who we really are and our place in the universe and the more connected we are to each other and the planet. Tarot teaches us how to reach those higher states of consciousness by understanding natural law and by helping us to see the truth of our reality and it teaches us that if we abide by natural law and stand in that truth we will create a world of real connection, real freedom and harmony.

The Tarot card that represents natural law is the Justice card.

Connected to the crown chakra. A card of balance, truth, equilibrium & justice (karma), natural law, which is what the universe is seeking to accomplish. This card is the ultimate goal of the universe. The image is of a crowned king holding a sword in his right hand which represents truth and a scale in his left-hand representing balance, equilibrium. This card represents the objective truth in our universe, it represents true freedom.

Studying the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with The Major Arcana cards will give you a very good basic understanding of how natural/universal law plays out through the human incarnation. I have dedicated a module to this study in my ‘Advanced tarot course – reading for others’, you can check that out by clicking here.  

Natural Law

Natural Law has always been in effect and will always be in effect.  Each person is bound by it. It is not man made, it is universal law, based in nature. It is immutable meaning it cannot be changed.  It is the one objective truth in our reality. We can come to understand these forces and work in harmony with them or we can continue to ignore them and continue to suffer because once we live in harmony with natural law, we end suffering both on a personal level and on a collective level. These laws come from the spiritual realm; they are not derived from the physical realm. They are put into place not as a punishment but as a guide to help us reach self-mastery and live in harmony and unity with each other and the planet. 

Natural Law is also known as the following:

Law of Cause and effect – ‘For every action, there exists an equal and opposing reaction’

Law of Attraction – ‘The energy you emit is the energy, you attract’, ‘As you think, feel and act, so you shall be’, ‘energy flows were attention goes’

Law of Karma – ‘you reap what you sow’

Golden rule – ‘Do unto others as you would have done to yourself’

How do you know if you are out of alignment with natural law?

Things will be chaotic, you will experience suffering on a regular basis.  You will not feel in flow with life, you may feel unfulfilled, stagnant.  Even if you are living in harmony with natural law, if most of the collective are not living in harmony with this law, society with be chaotic so you will still experience that chaos in your outside world.  As a collective we are not living in harmony with natural law which is why things are very chaotic in the world and will get worse if we don’t start tipping the scales.

Morality is directly connected to Natural law, the more moral we act the more aligned we are with natural law.  Morality is not subjective; it is not based on human laws and does not change to suit a certain leader or phase that the planet is going through.  Being moral means doing no harm or stealing from other sentient beings or causing any harm to yourself either.  It means allowing others to be sovereign even if that goes against the rules enforced by government leaders, being obedient to unlawful orders given by government means being immoral in terms of natural law. Turning a blind eye to immoral behaviour is also going against natural law.  Once you can understand how natural law works then it is very easy to understand why there is so much suffering in the world and why it is so chaotic.  If we live in harmony with natural law as a collective, we will experience, real freedom, we will be living in harmony with each other and the planet, that is how you know a society is living in alignment with natures law.  We have a long way to go and we will get there as a species but if we all take the time now to understand how the laws of the universe work and be conscious of our own behaviour and actions and make the effort to change the behaviours that are not in alignment we will get there quicker.

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