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Intuition is our SUPER POWER

I could literally spend all day discussing Intuition because it is truly an amazing natural innate gift that WE ALL have and it is something that we can always enhance or raise the volume on at any stage in our  lives.  How do I know this?  Because that is exactly what I did and the reason I was able to become a professional tarot reader.  You need to be able to really tap into intuition in order to give an insightful and valuable reading. I noticed my intuition was louder when I just couldn’t not listen to it. The feeling and knowingness of the right and wrong things for me was so strong that I rarely had to look for the answers outside myself. We all have the ability to tap into our own inner guides, our own wisdom. Everything we need, we have within. 

What is intuition? 
This is what I believe. Our subconscious mind is the gateway to our higher self or soul and I believe our soul speaks to us through the subconscious mind and also through our body in the form of feelings so both are involved in intuition. I believe intuition is our soul guiding us.  It truly is a super power.  You have to admit that everytime you have followed your intuition it was always the best outcome and when you didn’t, you regretted it.  It knows best because it has foresight for what is emerging for you. It can see the outcomes of your decisions. Not everybody experiences intuition exactly the same but the majority experience it in the form of thoughts randomly popping into their minds and/or feelings in either their stomach/gut or heart centre with a strong feeling to act on it.  This is how I personally experience it. I find intuition comes in when I am not in my conscious thinking mind. So when I do a reading, I always quieten my mind first so I can allow my intuition to be heard.  Another example of how I experience intuition, recently I was just brushing my teeth and totally zoned out and then an image of a text message from my dentist popped into my mind and two minutes later that exact message popped up on my phone.  I also had a dream about having issues with my teeth around that time so I knew without a doubt that my intuition was warning me that I must book that appointment because I would regret it later on and so I listened.  Sometimes we can mistake intuition with fear or vice versa.  When intuition is warning us that something is not good for us it generally starts as a feeling in the body  whereas say fear of getting out of the comfort zone tends to be in the mind. So it’s important to try to decipher which one it actually is because many times fear stops us from doing what is best for us. 

How can you turn the volume up on intuition?
Intuition is like a muscle you have to work it out in order to get maximum benefit from it. Here are a few steps to help you enhance that super power.

  • Listen to it and act on it – intuition gets stronger the more you act on it. The less you act on it the quieter it gets which is why so many people find it hard to tap into their intuition. Unfortunately we have lived in a society that does not encourage people to learn more about intuition, if anything it’s been overlooked and dismissed which personally baffles me.
  • Habitual meditation –  I didn’t realise when I started a daily meditation practice that an amazing side effect of this would be enhanced intuition.  How awesome is that?!  There are several reasons for this, firstly when you regularly meditate you are clearing your energy field which means that you are basically clearing all the heavy negative energy from your energy field that brings your vibration down and so as you clear your energy your vibration goes up which means the volume on your intuition goes up naturally too. 
  • Breathwork for those that hate to meditate this is another way to enhance your intuition
  • Energy healing/reiki – this also clears your energy field of negative energy so raises your vibration and inturn raises the volume on intuition.
  • Practice using divination tools such as pendulums, oracle & tarot cards and automatic writing.  All of these tools help you connect with your intuition more.
  • Keep an intuition journal – this is a great way to start understanding how your intuition shows up. Everytime you have an intuitive insight into something, write it down in your journal and take a note of what you were doing when it showed up and how it showed up and where you felt it in the body and what thoughts popped into your head and then the outcome. This allows you to build a connection with it so that you will recognise it more each time it shows up and therefore act on it each and every time.

Although part of my work is to give guidance to people to help them to move forward in life, I am also on a mission to help people to tap into their own inner guidance system so they do not need to look outside themselves to solve the problems in their lives. Learning to enhance your intuition will help you to really step into your own power. Make it a priority, you are worth it!

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