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Inner healing – how it works and why everyone needs to do it

My full-time job is guiding people on their inner healing and self-discovery journey. All this work is second nature to me now, but it was not always like that. Up to a few years ago like many others I used to think that you only needed to heal if a) you had a physical ailment, wound or sickness or b) you experienced loss of somebody or experienced severe trauma through abuse. Everything else you just dealt with by simply ignoring it and just getting on with life, by distracting and numbing with alcohol, dating, Netflix, travelling, retail therapy etc. But thankfully destiny stepped in and a very wise psychic woman came into my life and became a mentor and showed me what inner healing was and why we all needed to do it if we truly wanted a fulfilling and happy life, a life aligned with the soul.  Let me just put it this way, if this woman never crossed my path and I never got the opportunity to understand inner healing and how we really work, our psyche, who we really are at a core level, I would probably at this point, if I kept on the path I was on, would be severely depressed and hopeless right now and that would be at best,  at worst… I don’t even want to think about.

Finding out who I really am at my core level, understanding how the subconscious mind works and how it creates our reality and that whatever limiting beliefs and unresolved trauma that is buried there will stop us from ever having the life we truly desire and then learning how to reprogram the subconscious mind and connect to the wounded inner child within, was without a doubt the most transformational thing that ever happened in my life. Learning this was what brought real change and transformation into my life and the reason I am so enthusiastic to teach and coach people on this because I know that it works, and I know that it is the thing that deep down everyone wants to know. Everything we need is inside of us, there are no exceptions, but to get to it we need to do the  inner work and heal all the conditioning and limiting programs that are blocking are true essence and the ability to get to know and truly love ourselves on every level.

Nothing ever stays buried in the subconscious mind, the suppressed wounds of the past  get frozen in time and then direct our adult lives until we become aware and heal these aspects of ourselves. It is all energy and this unresolved trauma is basically stuck energy that then attracts to it everything that is on that same lower vibration. Example of how this may look is, you keep ending up in relationships that are not healthy, your partners may always have loads of issues, are unemotionally available, it may be on again/ off again,  you get bored and sabotage, if your partner is healthy and are able to show affection and love to you. The core wound could be that when you were a child, one of your caretakers was absent, either physically, emotionally, or both so your wounded inner child is attracted to the same thing in your adult relationships. So subconsciously you are attracting these types of people and relationships into your life because of the blocked energy in your psyche which is the wounded inner child.

These wounds of the past, play out in our lives as self-sabotage, addictions, co-dependency, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, inability to have healthy relationships, overreacting to situations, rage, tantrums, apathy, lack of motivation, amongst many other unhealthy, debilitating, and toxic traits.

So how do you heal the past? …..you go back in time and connect with your past self, the self that got wounded and you empower that part of yourself, you develop a loving connection with that wounded inner child. When you start to connect with your past self, you start to heal the present and the future. That is how it works.

So how can we go back in time? How is that possible? ….We are in a holographic, fractal universe and we are all energy beings connected by a quantum field and in this quantum field everything that ever was and ever will be exists here and now, meaning, the past versions of yourself still exist in the quantum field and in your energy field. There is no time or space in the energy world, this is how we can do long distance energy healing and we are able to do tarot readings for people who are not with us. So, by going into meditation and connecting with your subconscious mind you are connecting to the quantum field and the past version of yourself, and there you can heal that past version of yourself, so you change onto the timeline were you are  the healed version or the version that never experienced the trauma in the first place. I know this is a mind bender for many but trust me it works.

If you would like help to heal the wounds of the past and the limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind and become your best self, I do 1:1 Inner child healing therapy in person and online, click here for more information on that and I am also doing an Inner healing workshop in Brighton on Saturday 25 June from 10am to 5pm. Click here to book your spot.

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