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Energy (Spiritual) Protection

We are all energy beings, meaning that we are made up of energy first and foremost. We are not just a physical body. Although we cannot perceive our energetic (subtle) bodies by our 5 physical senses, they are very much a part of us just like the physical body is and the only difference is one can be seen, and the other can’t (by most people). This is all scientifically proven and not just a new age concept. ¬†With everything that is going on in the world, I think it is important now more than ever that we all learn to protect our energy and to do it daily. So, I decided to give you some tips to do just that.

We all have had those days where one person will have completely ruined our vibe/energy. If you protect your energy properly each day, there will be less chance of this happening to you. Without realising, many times you will have sensed the energy in a room or around certain people even without having any information. You can walk into a room and it will just feel off or you will walk into a room and you will get a good vibe. You are basically picking up on the energy here. As energy beings we all need to protect our energy but empaths are particularly sensitive to energy and need to pay extra attention to protecting their energy fields so if you feel you often get overwhelmed when in a group of people or feel drained after being in someone’s company and you can feel the emotions of other people as if they are your own, chances are you are an empath that is not protecting their energy field. If this resonates check out my blog on empaths here.

We each have an energetic field around us called the aura. And everything is energy, including our thoughts, our words, our emotions. We are all connected by a quantum energetic field.  This is how psychics can pick up information about people, places or situations or I can retrieve information through my tarot reading sessions because essentially what is happening is, we are tapping into that quantum energetic field through our sixth sense. So basically the best way to imagine it is, a circle of energy (energy field) around every person and everything and all of these energy fields connecting to each other  This is why it is so important to protect your own energy field so that you don’t take on other people’s energy or they don’t take your energy away from you. This is all done unconsciously but you can consciously protect yourself from this happening and I will show you how to do that today. Remember your energy is your power.  

There are 3 parts to protecting your energy field. 

  1. Clearing your energy field of any negative energy that is already there. You can do this standing up, sitting on a chair or go into the lotus position. Take a few deep breaths. Imagine a beam of golden light coming down from the Universe and into the top of your head and flowing down into your heart chakra and imagine a beam of light going down from your feet or legs into Mother Earth and imagine a beam light bouncing back up from her into your feet, legs, through your abdomen and then up into the heart chakra, connecting with the universal light. Then call on your angels, guides or whatever higher power you resonate with (I use Archangel Michael for this), ask them to cut the chords and ties with any energy that you connected with that is not yours. You can imagine this or just say the intention in your mind and that will be enough.
  2. Set your intention – Here you need to affirm that you are coming from a place of love and light and will only receive love and light back.
  3. Ask for a sphere of golden light to surround you and protect you. Again ask your angels, your guides, the Universe or whomever you resonate with the most to surround you in a sphere of golden light. Now imagine yourself sitting in this sphere, fully protected.

I do this in my morning meditation before I start my day off, but you can do it at any stage in your day. And if you forget and you feel heavy energy when you go somewhere or meet someone, excuse yourself and perform this ritual in the nearest restroom. If you are interested to learn more about the science behind ‘everything is energy’ check out Quantum Physics.

The important thing to understand is that we are all connected and so it is important to clear your energy on a regular basis as you may be picking up negative energy from those around you.  Remember thoughts are energy too and if someone is thinking negatively in your space that energy will hang around.  Another good way to clear your energy and the space around you is to use a sage smudge stick. You just burn the top of the sage and wave it around your whole body and around your home.  Sage is scientifically proven to clear the air of old energies so make sure you invest in a sage stick if you do not already have one. I usually sage my home just after I clean it and I will sage my aura just before I do a reading too.

So, I hope that helped and if you do try out these techniques that I have shared, I would love to hear how you get on.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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