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2022 – The Year of the Lovers

Hello 2022!

But what a year 2021 was, let us take a quick look at the past year and how things panned out before we look at 2022.

2021 was a number 5 year in numerology (2+2+1) and represents The Hierophant card in tarot. Spiritual awakening and awakening to the truth of our reality, this was the main theme for the year and 5 also represents change, transformation, and a rite of passage.  It is safe to say that all those things did happen for the collective. More people than ever before have become more open to the spiritual side of life, more people looked to connect to a higher power to guide them through this difficult transformation. Nothing like trauma, disclosures, and difficult transformation to get people to come back to themselves. So, from a spiritual perspective what is currently playing out in the world is aiding our spiritual evolution, helping us to up level, to breakdown the controlling systems that are keeping humanity in lower states of consciousness. We can only do that if we see them and that is why the darkness is becoming more obvious to us. Although it has been extremely difficult period and the truth has been a very tough pill to swallow, those that have faced the truth head on and made peace with it, are now ready to support those that are beginning to wake up. That is why this awakening is in stages because like I have said before if everyone came to awareness of what is really happening at the same time, there would be absolute chaos. It is the job of the awakened to plant seeds of awareness but also to be there with open arms when others start to open their eyes to the truth. The biggest takeaway for 2021 is that we are way more powerful than we have been led to believe and we have been fed many lies about our reality. Each one of us has a spark of divinity within us and if we just come back home to ourselves, develop that connection with our soul, we will find all the solutions within us and together we will come out the other side of this rite of passage, more whole, more understanding of who we really are and how powerful we really are.

Now let us look at 2022. 2022 is a 6 year in numerology (2+2+2) which is a really positive number after the year we have just been though. 6 represents harmony being restored after a difficult period, coming out the other side of a rite of passage, it also represents growth. So, what that means is that although things will still be very turbulent over the next few months, there is light at the end of the tunnel now we will start coming out the other side of this dark tunnel. It also means more opportunity for spiritual growth for the collective.

Number 6 in tarot is The Lovers card, again incredibly positive news because this represents the collective coming back together, the divisive tactics will no longer work, people will see through what the ‘powers that were’ are trying to do. Division is what they want as it keeps us in lower states of consciousness and more easily controlled but The Lovers is telling us that they will fail. The Lovers also represents taking the moral high ground which is what humanity needs to do right now. We need to connect to our morality and our core values.

The Lovers also represents bringing our own inner masculine and feminine energies into balance, the yin and the yang ☯️ learning to not suppress either because once they are in balance within us we are at our most healthy, our most powerful because once these are in balance this connects us to higher states of consciousness.

The Lovers can also represent soulmate romantic unions so it is a year where many people will align with their soulmates after having started their inner healing journey.

Although this all sounds extremely positive, there is still a lot that we will have to face, systems are crumbling and that will cause a lot of chaos and suffering so it is important to have a daily spiritual practice so that you can cultivate inner strength, so that you can remain in your centre amidst the chaos. Strengthen your energetic field or aura by doing daily meditation. Reiki, Qigong, and crystal healing are good for clearing the energy field and balancing the chakras.
Do the inner healing (shadow work), make that a priority in 2022 if you have not started your inner healing journey yet. By healing any unresolved trauma and breaking the self-limiting and self sabatoaging subconscious patterns playing out, your vibration will naturally rise, and your aura will get stronger too which means you will attract to you all the things that are on that vibration.

So here is to an exciting and hugely transformational year ahead!

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