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‘Akashic’ Silver Ring


Silver ring with Blue Lace Agate crystal


Bohemian Lifestyle design, handcrafted in India.

I named this beauty after the Akashic records, which exist in the 4th dimension and it is the ‘library of all souls’ where we can access information from the past, present and future. This ring is finished off with Blue Lace Agate aka ‘The Nurturing Crystal’, it opens the throat chakra & will help you to speak your truth with confidence. Promotes peace of mind and uplifts the spirit.

Each crystal has been charged up by the full moon and all pieces of jewellery have been infused with Reiki energy x

Additional information


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Crystal size

Length – 1.2cm, Width – 1.2cm

Size chart

X-small K-L 16mm
Small M-N 16.5mm
Medium O-P 17.3mm
Large Q-R 18mm
X-large S-T 18.5mm


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