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How to connect with your Spirit Guides

Being introduced to my Spirit Guide via a Medium a few years ago literally changed my whole life which is why I feel called to help people connect more with their guides too.  I have spoken about this in a previous blog but let me tell you about my experience here just in case…

I was working in my pop-up shop and a woman who I had never met before came in one Saturday evening just before I was about to close the shop. I intuitively knew there was something important about to happen, and how right I was…

We immediately started chatting like we had known each other forever.  The conversation quickly turned to angel & tarot cards.  At that time, I was using angel cards which had been given to me by a friend.  I really did not have any background or reference to spirituality aside from this deck of cards and I only used them back then more for a bit of fun with a bit of curiosity thrown in. However, I believe it was through these cards that the gateway started to open for me to the spirit world.  

Back then I had a very negative opinion on tarot cards and so she wanted to help me see tarot from another perspective and she asked me if she could do a reading on me. I reluctantly said yes but I deep down knew I was supposed to do this. It felt right even though my ego mind was trying to turn me off through fear. Long story short we made arrangements to meet the next week, however the next day she called me and told me that she really needed to meet me asap as my Spirit Guide had appeared to her through her sixth sense (she is clairvoyant) and she had a very important message to tell me.  I honestly did not know what to say as I had never even heard of a Spirit Guide before. It freaked me out, if I’m being honest but once again my gut was telling this was very important and I needed to hear this so I pushed the fear aside and agreed to meet her the next day.

I was given several messages the next day, one is very personal and was to do with a love interest, the next message was to do with a decision I was to make to do with my career. I was given an ultimatum by my boss in London to return to my corporate job in London or to loose my job, at that time I was working remotely in Ireland for a company in London and I was juggling this with my own business.  My heart was saying I should leave the corporate job and go fully self employed but my head was saying, go back to London and stay with the safe, well paid corporate job (even though I hated it).  The advice I was given was to go with the decision that was in my heart because it was putting me on the right path for my highest good. That was the moment that changed my whole life, it was the advice I needed to hear to take that leap of faith and not look back and it has been an amazing journey ever since. The other advice I received from my Guide was that I needed to meditate and the Guide said that she knew I hated it (which I did back then) but she stressed that through daily meditation I would eventually be able to connect more with my Guides and receive guidance and messages directly from them. This is exactly what ended up happening.

One thing to note is that humans have free will, so you must invite your Spirit Guides into help with your life. I believe in extreme situations they can assist uninvited with things to help you on your path or to steer you away from going off your path but generally they need to be invited in to help.  I unwittingly invited in my guides to help one night when I was very upset, I asked ‘if there was such a thing up there (as in spirit world) to help me’ as I was struggling with things at the time. This was a few weeks prior to my first encounter with my Spirit Guide.  

So basically, every human being has Spirit Guides that guide them through their human life and help them achieve everything they set out to achieve in that life, i.e. life purpose and learning life lessons and clearing karma. Unfortunately a lot of people in human life do not get the full benefit of their guidance because they are unaware such a thing even exists or they have stigma attached to all things metaphysical (non-physical) so they shy away from this sort of information.  Therefore, I keep telling my story because all the amazing things I have experienced and still experience would not exist if I did not open my mind up to this phenomenon. I experience profound things on a regular basis through my connection with my Spirit Guides.

So how do you connect with your Spirit Guides…

  • Angel cards

Like I said previously, I believe this was the start of my connection with my Guides, this was the portal that I opened (unknowingly) to connect in the first instance.  If you want to open the connection with Spirit, I advise that you buy a set of oracle or angel cards to get you started.  The messages are uplifting and inspiring too, so it is good way to get comfortable and feel safe within that space.  I know at the beginning although I was intrigued and inspired to connect more with Spirit I still had fear around so it is a work in progress and it is important that you feel comfortable with whatever way you decide to connect. After awhile I was able to see messages in these cards that were not necessarily related to the meaning of each.  It really is mind blowing when you start to connect, and I still use my angel cards sometimes to chat to my guides.

  • Number sequences

Within weeks of my first spirit guide experience and the start of my journey of self-discovery and spirituality, I started seeing ‘1111’ everywhere.  Seeing this number sequence repeated is a sign of awakening to your life purpose. It is also a number that is commonly used by your guides to get your attention and a lot of people start noticing this number when they start expanding their spiritual awareness, their guides start to show their presence and this is the easiest way for them to do that at the beginning.  I also used the number sequence ‘222’ as a way of communicating with my guides at the start. I agreed that this would be our number if the advice was ‘go ahead’ with something and if I didn’t see it show up in my day more than once than that would be a ‘no, don’t do it’.  It was amazing how effective this was for me, so I absolutely urge you to try this one out. It is so much fun, but you must have some belief that it will work and open your eyes during the day.  You need to practice mindfulness for this one otherwise you will miss the signs. You can decide on anything to be your sign with your Spirit Guides, does not have to be just numbers it can be a rose, an owl, a feather, whatever you want and that feels right.

  • Meditation

This one can take bit of time to get to the point that you are connecting to higher consciousness so the other two will have quicker results but ultimately this is the way you want to end up connecting.  Like I said I started meditating as soon as I got that advice from my guide and I have not stopped since and that is over two years ago. Start off by just learning to quieten your mind. Sitting with yourself quietly for a few minutes a day, with your eyes closed and taking in a few deep breaths, just set the intention in your mind to connect with your guides and just be with yourself. Just get used to the inner world first. I mediate daily for around 30 minutes a day and I ground myself within meditation and I create a sacred space within my mind to invite my guides in to connect with me.  I now nearly always feel connected to my guides in meditation, but I do not always get clear messages. However, many times I will get inspiration in meditation to do something and it will always be the right thing and that is them guiding me through inspiration.  Their guidance takes on many shapes and forms, the main thing is that you are open as much as you can.  Everyone is different in how they receive the guidance and information. Some people will come out of meditation just knowing the answer to a problem or they will just be inspired to do something which brings them the right answer. Once we quieten our minds they can connect with our minds and literally plant ideas and inspiration there for anything that we have asked for help with.  It is truly amazing!

  • Tarot Cards

I also talk to my guides through the tarot cards. I have also talked to my Dad who is in Spirit through the cards.  Tarot is a skill and it can take time to get to that level where you can communicate intuitively but it is definitely a great way to connect to your guides and spirit when you do.

  • Dreams

Another way to get messages from your guides is in the dream state. If you set the intention just before you go to sleep that you would like to connect with your guides in your dreams and also set the intention that you will remember your dreams. This might take a few go’s before you get a dream that you remember but if you keep at it, you will start getting insights this way.  Make sure that you have a journal and pen beside your bed for when you wake up and jot down everything about your dream that you remember.  Sometimes it may not be straight forward and you may have to figure out the message within the dream, your guides might use symbols but with practice this will get more obvious.  

These 5 techniques are my favourite ways to connect to Spirit and each of them blew me away at the beginning. I still do get goose bumps when information and signs come through.   It is literally out of this world and I would just love for everyone to experience this connection in their lifetimes.  It is the best thing that has happened to me and I know I would not have the business and career I have now if it was not for the guidance I have received from Spirit and my own open mind. So, I am very grateful for both!

Further reading: ‘Wisdom from your Spirit Guides’ by James Van Praagh

If you are interested to learn more, I would highly recommend this book. It explains in detail exactly what Spirit Guides are and the types of guides that show up for us.  James also gives techniques for connection and meditation exercises so you can create a sacred space to connect.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on Spirit Guides and I really hope it helps you to deepen your connection with your guides too.  They are always on standby waiting for you to connect with them.

Best wishes



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